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All content Trademarked 2017 CFx Comics ™ or their respective owners. Cfx Comics ™ and its logo are ® 2017 CFx Comics, Inc. All rights reserved

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CFx Comics @ 2016

Created by: Gauher Aftab & Mustafa Hasnain

Art Direction: Yahya Ehsan

Written by: Hashim Bukhari & Gauher Aftab

Illustrations & Art by: M Nadir Khan

Design & Layout: Seemab ul Hasan

Khiladi Vol 1

  • The first episode introduces us to the series’ main cast of characters and we see our young heroes playing together at U-19 camp to break into Pakistan’s U-19 squad, and their performances will determine their future. Of particular importance are Murad’s evolving relationships with his U-19 teammates, his family, his closest friend Taimur Malik, his mentor Salahuddin Malik, and his evolving sense of identity and self-belief.