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Roaring Sun Studio

Created by: Omar Mirza & Khurram Mehtabdin

Art Direction & Pencils: Sajad Shah

Inks & Finishes: Adelso Corona

Color & Graphic Design by: Alonso Espinoza

Letterer: Jessica Jimerson

Cover Artist: Sajad Shah, Adelso Corona, Sabine Rich

Zindan Vol 0

  • Zain and Timur are introduced as orphans. By sheer chance, these brothers are taken in by the Ansaars, an ancient secret order of noble individuals, who have sworn an oath of stewardship over the world's worst criminals.As the prison that Zain and Timur call home falls to a greedy king, unimaginable evils are released into the world. With everything lost once again, Zain and Timur are thrust back into a big world.